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A conscious mind for sustainable living.


Americans are amongst the largest consumers in the world. We even project a positive economy by raising consumer spending reports. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE BEAUTIFUL THINGS, but do we have to much of it? Do we really need all of it? Do we enjoy it? Does shopping fill a void for something else? Do the piles of things we collect over the years really make us happy? Or, does the clutter make us distructed, stressed, unorganized, frustrated and overwhelmed?


The Swedish word “lagom” means “not too much and not too little, just right.”

As a native Swede, I was born and raised the LAGOM lifestyle. Lagom is the Swedish practice of balance, moderation and frugality. 


I believe it's the secret to sustainable living because ‘Lagom” is what being conscious is all about. Lagom is the way to live life to the fullest, by not using too much or too little. Whether it’s things, food, energy, water or waste. There is balance and moderation in everything we do in Scandinavia  — from our working hours to the portion sizes of our dinner. If you finish work on time, you give yourself more time for family and friends. By living “lagom,” keeping track of your spending, to reuse and recycling you consciously reduce your environmental impact on the world. Focus on what is absolutely essential, and know when to stop. “The Lagom lifestyle” is to live with fewer material possessions, but aim to enjoy a fuller life. 

Scandinavian design offering an eclectic taste, characterized by simplicity, functionality and minimalism. We have a deep-rooted love of nature and we take every possible opportunity to be in the great outdoors. This also reflects in our homes with neutral colors, natural elements and by bringing in numerous natural plants to clean the air. The perfect balance of old and new, vintage and modern makes a cozy home and we feel connected to nature by adding natural materials. Not too minimalistic, not too eclectic, just right!


We all go through different phases and life can be hectic and owerwhelming. Sometimes it feels like we are being pulled in 20 different directions between work, marriage, kids activities, parents, laundry, cooking, dishes, errands, events and everything else life throws our way. It is hard to find time and focus for everything we need to do. Sometimes life happens and we just have to drop everything. At times we all end up with a cluttered and unorganized home. If you’re constantly surrounded by distractions or discomfort, you can’t enjoy the moment and you are constantly on guard.


I want to inspire from the Swedish “Lagom” lifestyle, to bring in a balance of form and function to my clients. To create a sanctuary where you feel empowered, to eliminate stress and frustration. I want to simplify your life so you have more time for yourself and your family.

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